Saturday, July 13, 2013

Some clicks from daycare

I am so happy to have found the current day care. Megha loves Sherry, her daughters and the other little one Amilia there. Mondays are a little hard on me (yes, even now) as I spend the weekend with Megha and leaving her on Monday always makes me feel sad and I cannot wait for the days to end and to meet Megha at the end of every evening. But Sherry is so sweet, she sends me lots of pictures of Megha when she is at daycare :)

 At the daycare, on their deck, playing in the small pool.
 Awwwww :) How she loves water :)
 After her evening snack is the park time!
 When we are too tired, we love to sleep midst the toys in the bin :)
 And we love sprinklers and we can spend hours with them :)
 30 years and a baby later, not bad eh?

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