Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Twinkle Twinkle...?

Like I mentioned before Megha loves this rhyme. Over the weekend, I have sung (is there a word called 'sung'?) the rhyme to her over and over again so that she remembers the words.

Guess what, she does!!!

Me: Twinkle twinkle little...
Meg: Sta !!!!
Me: Yaaaay Megha! Hi-fi!!

Me: How I wonder what you...
Meg: Sta !!!!
Me: Ha ha ha It is Arrre
Me: How I wonder what you...
Meg: Sta !!!

Well, at least she got the first part right and I am happy. We will get through the next line soon enough :)
I remember, my second nephew S also used to say this rhyme.

I have also been trying to teach her parts of the body. Today she identified correctly, forehead and eyes :)

So proud of you baby.


  1. aww super cute.
    Twinkle twinkle little sta
    how i wonder what you sta

  2. Thank you Reshma :) growing so fast. Hope Rishub had a fantastic day.