Thursday, March 13, 2014

Art by toddler: 03/09/2014

Yesterday Megha and I went to the basement and played a lot, like every other weekend. We also did some art work. Last weekend was when we started this but yesterday we finished it. Hope you all enjoy looking at it! We sure had fun making it.

Megha initially dipped her fingers in the (child friendly) water colors but then decided she wants to draw not with her finger but with her whole palm :)
Here she is making her art...I did not help her at all other than opening and closing the water-color boxes.
The almost-complete painting...She knew exactly which colors to use. Like, when I ask her if she would like to use green color, she would say no. Blue? Yes blue! She is the owner of the painting :) So on and so forth.

Here is the final product.

What I did was, took a plain white A4 size paper. Then I wrote (actually stuck) Megha's name with the help of cello-tape. Then I gave the paper to Megha to paint. After the paint dried, I carefully removed the stuck cello-tape from the paper. How is it? Anand LOVED it and says he wants to make a frame for it :) Megha enjoyed paining and I enjoyed looking at her paint :)

We took a Loooooog bath after this painting session :)

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