Thursday, March 13, 2014

Ripley's Aquarium- Feb 2014

Megha absolutely loves fish, all kinds of them. Not for eating , if you are wondering, just to look at them. By now she identifies and says the names of the below fish, when she sees one. Well, more like sea animals, not all of them are fish.
Star fish, Clown fish, Shark, Whale, Dolphin, Sea horses, Turtle, Octopus, Jelly Fish, Stingray and Crab (these come to me on top of my head); I maybe missing something.

So, it is but natural that Anand and I decided to take her Ripley’s Aquarium (a new one in town), soon after it opened.

Our day began at around 10 AM. It was going to take us about 45 mins to reach and I was really hoping that she would sleep during the ride. But she only went to sleep 5 minutes before we were to reach our destination! We didn’t go all the way to the aquarium though. We got down in Kipling so that we can ride on TTC. It would be Megha’s first train ride in Canada and we really wanted her to enjoy.
And she did! Here she is with her dad. Only downside is, she was up after 5 mins of nap.

Here is us posing by the CN Tower; yes the aquarium is a few steps away from the CN Tower.

To say that the aquarium was crowded would be an understatement. Not sure if it’s because of relatively good weather in a long time or because it was a Saturday or a combination of both but the place was packed! By then Megha realized we are a place where she is going to have so much fun. She was all excited at the first sight of the fish (I think I was equally excited). Here is Megha admiring the fish at the first stop.

We stopped by at the floor to ceiling fish tank admiring so many kinds of fish. Actually most of the fish tanks were floor to ceiling there.

Here is Pen Fish; don’t they look just like the writing pens in olden days?

Giant crabs caught Megha’s attention next…

We also had a good look at the rainbow window…lots of corals, multi-colored fish (I don’t know their names) and other deep sea living animals.
Here, finally we got to take a family picture!

Starfish window was one of Megha’s favorite spots. She just kept looking at them for the longest time.

Here, we enter the shark world! The most popular was the Saw Shark. I loved looking at it; it almost looks like human if you take just the face.

Here is another one…don’t know the name of this shark.

After that, we got to see baby fish and megha touched one.

We were also done the aquarium when we realized I had lost Anand’s jacket which he had folded along with the bag I was carrying. After playing some blame-game as to whose fault it is (ah, the hues of a relationship can never be dull), we found it hanging in one of the door handles. It wouldn’t have been this stressful to lose a jacket but we had the car keys in it. So…

By then I had lost the entire mood to continue with fish adventure (losing car keys is stressful). We quickly wrapped up the clownfish tank, seahorses and headed back to Kipling. By the time we reached home, it was way past Megha’s nap time but she napped anyway for a little while.

Over-all a good day! Megha enjoyed it a lot and so did we.  Here is Jelly fish.
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