Friday, March 28, 2014

Bottle weaning a toddler of 27 months old- Day 1

Megha is used to drinking water, juice and milk from an open or a sippy cup since around 12-14 months. However, before going to bed or while going to sleep, she needs a bottle in her mouth as a soother to go to sleep. The reason is, since day 1 of her life, she is used to that way. It was my mistake that I let her go to sleep with breast/bottle and she continued that way.

That means, when she wakes up from her sleep, she needs a bottle to go back to sleep during nights. That said, when we weaned off Megha from milk when she turned 1, she used to drink water. It changed back to milk in our last trip to Mexico in oct 2013.

I felt it's about time when she is weaned off the bottle completely. Took Anands approval!

This afternoon for the very first time, I had given Megha water in a sippy in her bed. She had about 2 sips, gave the sippy to me, turned around and went to sleep! Incredible! Not a single tear! (Don't want to jinx not going to say this again).

This evening, she had dal rice with egg at 6 PM. At about 7:15, she had Kanji. At about 8:15, I gave her 120 ml milk in a sippy. She finished most of it. Took her to bed at 8:45. Gave her water in a sippy. She had a few sips and returned the sippy to me.
She wanted me to sing her bed time song a few more times than usual and then, I tucked her good night and left her room. No tears!!! Oops. Not saying it again.

I have removed all the bottles from her sight now.

Have to mention, I had taken her to bed approximately 45 mins later than her normal timings; both in the afternoon as well as in the night.

Not sure how the night is going to pass as I am sure she will want milk during night. Planning on comforting her until about 3 or 4 am and then offer milk in sippy.

Update for Night: Megha woke up at 12 midnight asking for milk. I explained that tummies need to sleep during the night and that she can have milk later but for now she can have water in the sippy. She cried for maybe about 2 mins and went back to sleep.

She woke up again for milk at 1:30. I explained the same thing again and this time she cried a lot. Maybe about 8 mins. She drifted off to sleep later but kept waking up on and off until 3:30 AM. Then I did give her milk in a sippy which she didn't want. She drifted off to sleep and woke up at 5:30. I offered water and this time she didn't cry. She woke up again at 7:30 AM for the day.

For the first night, she had done remarkably well! I didn't sleep much but that's totally fine. I am so glad and proud that Megha did so well for the first night.

Like yesterday, this afternoon and tonight going to bed was a breeze. Have to see how the night goes.

Love you Megha! You did so very well the first day. Soooo proud of you big girl.

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