Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Black Eye!

Today, 10th June, 2014, Megha got her very first black eye! She was lying down playing with the toy elephant at the daycare and it accidentally slipped and fell on her face (just below right eye). She cried for a couple of minutes while the care provider tried to apply some ice. Soon it turned black and blue. My poor baby :(
This picture was taken about 8 hours ago at the daycare (sent by the provider to me). As it stands now the bruise deepened and has turned even darker shades of black/blue. When i was giving her a bath this evening, I was so afraid to touch her face for the fear of causing pain :(

Anand's note on Face Book: 
Mefha's first black eye after a bar fight.... With a toy elephant!!! I don't think the elephant is still around to enjoy rest of his life... Ha ha... Love this pic tho....
Here is the elephant...

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