Saturday, June 7, 2014

Wonderful Sunday!

Last weekend was awesome (31st May and 1st June). Anand was working on 31st and so, Megha and I spent lots of time in the park across the street. She was wearing this pretty red outfit with matching hat and shades.
We also have this little toy coupe and Megha loved going around in that. Her very first car!! Drivers, beware!
Sunday was such a beautiful day. First thing in the morning she had her egg and cheese, which is her standard breakfast item. We played, showered and had a nap. Once Anand woke up, we set out to Livingston Park in downtown, Milton.
We went to this beautiful park. Megha walked for about 5 minutes and wanted us to pick her up. Its OK, Anand loves picking her up. Here they are, they walked this way for a very long time.
Here she is at a spot we had been last year.
Last year: same place...Anand wearing the same T-Shirt? he he he he

We walked around a bit and we also waited by the train track.
After the walk, we stopped by the ice cream place to beat the heat and cool down. She had a kid scoop of chocolate ice cream, her favorite (but of course).
After that, we went to one of the local Italian restaurant. I love the food there. Megha behaved excellent! She had pizza and some spaghetti. What a beautiful day!

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