Saturday, June 14, 2014

First Haircut tips for toddlers

Megha had her very first hair cut on Saturday the 7th, June 2014. Well, if you dont count her Tonsure ceremony in her 9th month. I wanted shoulder length hair but since she has really curly hair, it was hard for me to brush it everyday. It would have been ok if she let me, but she never lets me do her hair without fuss.
So, Anand and I decided we will get her hair a little short.

When we were little, I remember that my mom used to brush my hair really well before going to the hair dresser. She used to say that since the hair is without any knots, it wouldnt hurt when the hair dresser tries to brush the hair. Its the little things that get passed down by generations isnt it?
I brushed Megha's hair too before going to the hair dresser and told her that mom also did the same to me.

I booked an appointment at a kids salon and we set off!

Before leaving, Anand took a few pictures of her full hair! Here it is :)
Here is megha at the salon...she was sitting in a beautiful red car.
Her very first cut!!! She said, "Oh daddy, where are ya"...when she was cutting the hair.
Here she is after! She hasnt cried one bit! My big girl! So proud of you baby! We bought a few really cute hair clips (but ofcourse) and we left the salon. Here she is!
We also got a first hair cut Certificate!
There was a main street festival going. Since it was just megha and I, I couldnt stop for long. Here she is dancing to the live music on the main street festival.

Did I say First Hair cut Tips? Well, its just my moms tips which I did on Megha and I hope that one day, she would do what I did :)

1. Brush the toddlers hair well before taking her to the salon.
2. Wash her hair after returning from the salon.
3. Dont take her for haircut on Tuesday (old myth).

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