Sunday, June 29, 2014

Father's Day 2014

Happy Father's day to the best daddy in the whole wide world! This fathers day is Megha's 3rd Fathers Day. We (Megha and I) did our best to make is special for Anand.

Here is the First Fathers day (2012): Fathers Day 2012
Here is the Second Fathers Day (2013): Fathers Day 2013

A week or o before, we bought greeting cards for Anand and a couple of gift cards. Here is Megha decorating her Dad's card with pretty pink stickers.
The original plan was to make a 2 layered cake with butter-cream frosting and fondant cover. However, the first one was a disaster. It could be because I havent really baked in a 6 '' by 3 '' pan before. Apparently for a deep dish, we need a core temperature devise to distribute the heat evenly and then bake the cake. Mine turned out burnt on the outside and raw in the core as I havent used the devise. I discarded the whole cake and made a simple Vanilla cake in a bread pan. After decorating in with fondant Megha used her hand to 'stamp' the cake :)
Oh, the joys of baking! Working with fondant wasnt exactly as easy as i had thought ! lol Anand loved the cake though.
Here is the picture:
Here is another gift she Megha had made at the daycare with the help of her daycare provider:
I also got a few pictures done at the studio for the fathers day but they were not ready for Father's Day. He got it the next week. Yet to be hanged on the wall. I chose this photo frame as it goes with the rest of the furniture in the living room.
Here is the second one. Anand says she looks like me, really?
Here is her Dad's note in Facebook: Fathers day gift "hand made" by my lovely daughter.... Thank you my dear...

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