Thursday, October 15, 2015

Regression or not?

Megha will probably hate me when she sees this when she grows up. She is going through something like a regression of late when it comes to potty. Our family doctor had told us to expect this. When I saw her when Tanush was 2 weeks old, everything was fine. No accidents, nothing. 2 weeks since, things changed. As hard as its to control our frustration, I am trying my best self to positively reinforce the potty again. We have to specifically ask her to sit on potty for poo these days. All my research (online) shows that its a completely normal scenario when a new sibling arrives at home. Thank it will be ok in a few weeks to a few months.
My heart went out for her yesterday when she was sitting on the potty. She goes, "mommy, I am really really trying. I dont want to disappoint mommy daddy". And then she sings a potty song.

It must be so hard for her with so many new things thrown at her. First the grandparents visit, then the baby, then the school, then something going on every other day after school....a busy day. She doesnt openly say anything but I feel she is trying her best to take it all in. She is all but 4 (almost). I was talking to a friend of mine (who has two kids herself) and she made a statement which is so treu. Having a baby at home to Megha is like your husband bringing home a new, younger wife. He spends 75 to 90% of the time with the new wife. The older one cannot do anything to change, it is up to us to help her understand that she is still loved. It doesnt happen in 2 months. It takes time. I am trying myself...

Some days are much harder when she throws a major tantrum for a reason I simply cannot see. The past 4 nights Tanush hasnt been sleeping well, which means I am up every 30 minutes through out the night, every night. I started chanting (Daimoku) to bring some much needed calmness. 

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