Monday, October 5, 2015

"I have Hands!!"

If Tanush can talk, he would be saying "I have hands!" Right now. The boy started realizing that he has hands of his own and he loves moving them around. When I leave him on the gym/mat with a few toys around, he tries to slowly grab on to them. He has a firm grip now and loves to hold my finger when I am feeding him.

On the flip side of his experiments with his hands, at times he gets really frustrated. Like, when I am feeding him, he pushes me away, effectively losing his latch. He thinks I am doing it and starts to cry because he is not "done" drinking his milk :)
Sometimes when he is playing he hits himself with his hands and starts to cry or throw angry looks at me! The silly boy :) guess most babies do this all but it doesn't take my pleasure away.

Megha in the morning (every morning) asks me to tell he "Tanush's  story" when I am brushing her teeth, meaning what all he did during the night. She is most interested in knowing what color poop he went. She absolutely loves it when I make up stories about the color instead of just saying the right color :) 

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