Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The real tell or not to tell?

This evening, I was looking a book for my mom to read. The book happened to be Anne Frank's diary. I was telling some really good things about that book to mom and she wanted to read it. After Megha's snack and before her ballet lessons, Megha asked me who that girl is on the book. Megha loves new books and so she was curious. I told her it was Anne Frank. She wanted to now who Anne Frank was. I was torn between explaining her who she really was.

For those of you who don't know Anne Frank, she was a young girl in hiding (with her family) during holocaust.
Megha wanted to know Anne Frank. She asked me, "tell me Anne Frank's story", just like she often says "tell me Tanush's story". I wonder when is the right time to introduce Holocaust to her. I briefly told her some parts and quickly gave her a Kinder surprise to get her to stop asking me more questions.
I always thought my biggest struggle would be to explain that Santa isn't real! 

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