Monday, April 25, 2011

The anxiety kicks in...

Today I am supposed to get my blood test result. But I did not. I believe that the clinic is closed because of Easter. Wow...clinics seem to be getting many more holidays than the schools themselves. Shouldn't they be open more often? another day of waiting continues.

I was reading a few birthing stories this morning. Some of them were assisted (c-section and/or with epidural) and some of them are natural. What caught my eye was a process called "Water Birthing". I just make a mental note that I will have to start researching on this one, once I complete 3 months and I truly start to feel pregnant.

I have zero tolerance for pain. However, since the dawn of time women have been doing it. So, something to think about. Meanwhile I am trying not to focus on the blood test result but on the positivity of it.

Last night my sister in law, brother in law and my little nephew came to visit us. They are doing well and the baby is growing so fast! Oh it was a delight to see him! He started crawling sooo fast and given another 2 months, he sure is going to make his mom run behind him at all times of the day!
He showered us with plenty of smiles and lots of giggles. And like any other little baby, needed a lot of attention only when his mom sat down to have her dinner! LOL...:) Can't wait to see him again!

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