Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How we told our Parents

The day we called them was very special because it happens to be a Tamil New Year, 14th April, 2011. We wanted to make sure that both A and I were there when we call our parents, so this delay in relaying the message. First we called our Mother in Law and when I gave the news to her saying she would be grand mom again soon, she was ecstatic. He joy knew no bounds! My Sister in Law, Brother in Law and my Father in law shared their equally joyful wishes for both Anand and I and wished us all the very best.

My mom was delighted too at the prospect of another grand child! My father was equally happy but was asking more practical question about how i am going to manage full time job and this.

Over all, everyone was happy! We have decided we would wait until I finish my first trimester before telling everyone else.
There is an exception though...I told my all time good friend.

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