Wednesday, April 20, 2011

When I found out....

It was April 11th, Monday 2011 when I first suspected that we could be having a baby. Over night the symptoms seem to have kicked in. When I went online to check, I should have known a week ago that I was pregnant with the kind of symptoms I was having...sudden cramps, low back pain and such that. I was so exhausted that it felt like I have been awake for days and not hours.

That day I had fish for lunch. I couldn't stand the smell of it and green salad which had onions in it. Anyway, I went and bought a Home Pregnancy Test and tested at work...and Yeayyyy! Its positive! I captured that image in my phone; the test image I mean.

I sent a quick email to A asking him to call me back when he wakes up (he was at home and was doing his night shift). When I was on my way back home, he called me and I broke the news :)
He was still sleepy and didnt really comprehend that time...I think.

I went home and grabbed my health card and met A. He the knew that I was actually being sure about what I said! I went to our doctor, got a blood and urine test given and was also asked to book a date for Ultra Sound.

Following Thursday A and I had another appointment with our doctor where we were asked about 100 questions about our health, about our immediate and extended families health.
I was also weighed that day and I was 62 kgs (136 lb) or 24.9 BMI. I realized I am right on the border of becoming over weight and owed to myself that I would eat and drink healthy through out the term and gain only a healthy weight. As of today, we were told the Expected Date of Delivery (EDD would be 14th Dec).

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  1. It is a great feeling ... thanks for making the first few to know this !!