Thursday, April 21, 2011

The First Complication

Just when we think that falling pregnant uneventfully is an achievement in itself, little do we realize that its going to be an emotional journey in a roller coaster from there on.

I had my first extensive physical yesterday (20th April). Calling it a nightmare would be an understatement. Hubby was working and hence I took half a day off from work for the appointment. Previously I got a call from my lab that urine sample was not enough and that I need to go there again. Before going to the doctors, I went to give the sample again.

The physical test started like expected with them taking my BP, weight and height. Just last week I was measured and I was fairly confident I didnt grow tall, considering i didn't grow at all after I turned 15! I put on 300 grams from the previous week and I attributed it to the big lunch I had just 30 mins ago. I told the nurse that i have been having heavy milk...that is the thing to blame, as if reassuring myself. 

I changed into a hospital gown and desperately wished that Hubby were with me. Actually, anyone would have been nice instead of me alone with the doc.

After the regular pleasantries, she gave me the shock. She told me that my bood hormone levels, also known as hCG levels are half of what they are supposed to be. What does that mean? It means that the chances of me miscarrying are 70%. I was too shocked to react at that. She also said that maybe there is no baby at all inside me, its just a yolk sack! I was like...what?!
She referred me to a blood again and said that she cant say how my pregnancy is progressing until the first ultra sound which is on 26th. I was devastated.

I knew I had to ask questions but i kind of went numb and didnt ask any.
She did a Pap Smear, Swab test and also checked for breast cancer. I must was fairly painful and extremely uncomfortable. I kept counting down from 10 backwards to 1 willing it to finish fast.

When she did finish, I got another shock. She said I am too small for a normal delivery! What? Then she explained that there is a high likelihood of a c-section. By then I started wondering if the day can get any worst.

After the test when I started the car my hands were shaking. I rushed back to the lab to give blood test but it was closed. By the time I reached home, I was cold, disturbed, sad, defeated and lonely. Hubby called and I had to give him the devastating news.

I called my good friend and we spoke for a while, sighed together, felt bad together, hoped together and then felt maybe everything will be fine after all. Hope...that's very important in life.
After that, I spoke to my sister in law also. But for her, I believe this test was not done at all, until much later.  

After that I started a google search on hCG and the normal levels. Mine is 5583 at 5 weeks. ALL the online sources say that mine is well within the normal range. Why did doctor say that mine is low? Since I gave only one blood test so far, she has no way to know if my hormones are doubled every 2 days, like they are supposed to. How did she conclude mine are low? Below is the chart.
  • 5 weeks LMP: 18 - 7,340 mIU/ml
  • 6 weeks LMP: 1,080 - 56,500 mIU/ml

Also, most pregnant women seem to be referred to for at least 4 blood tests to track that hormones are doubling. I was only referred to one. Why? Also, when she suspected my hormone levels to be low, why didnt she call me immediately and ask me for another test? I would have gone directly to the lab and gave blood along with the unrine! Why didnt she call?

So many questions and so few answers. I will have to write down all these and ask her next time.

As of now, i am exhausted. I would probably give anything right now for a 30min nap in return.

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  1. Well.. there are certain fears when u take the seat in coaster!!.. im sure u will enjoy the ride all along !!