Saturday, May 12, 2012

Reflections from heart: first mothers day

Dear mommies, first of all, Happy mothers day to you all. I hope you have an awesome, AWESOME day. Some of us are celebrating mothers day for the very first time. I would also like to encourage you to take a moment and reflect on how life has changed since the arrival of the little miracle in your lives.

1. All my life I had been told that babies are a huge responsibility and that I have to be 100% sure about having one, before planning to have one. True as it may, no one ever told me how much fun a baby can much you will love your baby that you can almost touch that love with your hands. I love my husband. A lot. But the depths of feelings I have for my baby is something I can't even put words into. I think thee are no real words which can explain how I feel towards her. I have learned that while it's certainly take a responsible person to raise a child, it takes a mom (and dad of course) to love that child like there is no tomorrow. I have learned that today I might go to bed thinking my heart is filled with love for her but tomorrow I will wake up with some more space in my heart to love her even more.

2. Some days are really hard. She needs constant attention and she tires me out. But when I try to put her to sleep, she gives a smile so innocent, so pure that I find myself wishing that I can endure a million more days like this, just to experience the moment I am now experiencing. I have learned that I can survive with just 2 hours of sleep and still manage to function(not for many days at a stretch but you know what I mean). I have learned that I no longer need 8 hours of sleep.

 3. It is sad when you see one sided love. I thought that I love her but she doesn't really know or care who I am. But of late she looks into my eyes which shout out I Love You. We bought a lot of toys for her. I mean a LOT. But the joy she displays when I cuddle with her isn't shown when she is playing with the toys. I have learned that she loves me right back! She finds more delight in me than in those toys! I have learned that material things can never replace the love which parents shower on their child.

 4. I was in the library with her this morning. There was a child with special needs there. I felt soooo sorry for the parents. The child's behavior was...traumatizing to witness, to say the least. My heart went out for them. Many children die every day due to various illness. The trauma which a parent goes through is so intense that we can never understand. Yes, unless we are in their shoes, we don't know how it feels like to loose a child. Actually, no parent should ever EVER have the misfortune to say good bye to their child. We have to do every thing in our power to help to prevent that situation. I have learned that I can help (monitary). I have learned that every parent should have a right to have a content baby sleeping in the crib, like I have now. For that reason I have decided to donate a little bit to my favorite sick kids hospital and research centre...starting on this mothers day. I urge you to do the same to your favorite research centre. It's true, discoveries lead to recoveries. We have to help the research centers to find cure for illness which takes up a child's life. No life should ever end before it had an opportunity even know what life is.

 5. I was told and advised that is always better to be in certain financial position/career etc before having a baby. But when she comes, everything falls into place. By this I am not saying planning is not sure is. I am saying that babies are so much fun and their needs are basic. Feed her, change her and love her...I have learned that all she needs is me and daddy..and a few toys, even steel plates will do...nothing fancy :) I have more to's never ending really.

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