Saturday, May 26, 2012

Not even a boo!

We had a very busy day today. With Megha's annaprasana decided on June 1st, we had so many things to arrange before that day. Actually it came as a (pleasant) surprise as we were thinking of hosting his end of June. But boy am I glad to be seeing my nephew sooner! Made him some ghee as I know he now eats food which we eat. Went shopping for booster seat and also finished a few other chores. We were intending to return home by 3 pm but some how it stretched till 6. Meg cried a lot. We pulled over, picked her up nd only then did she sleep. And when she did sleep for the night, she right way went into deep sleep and woke up less frequently than what I had guessed (usually she is more restless when she misses her afternoon nap). Anyway, when we finished what we have to do downstairs, we wentto Megha's room only to find her awake! She was awake and didn't make a sound! Our baby monitor cathes even the slightest sound like she turning her hear from left to right but she just woke up and didn't even move!! How strange. Anand and I felt so bad...I wonder how long she had been up. But on other hand, I am so proud that she can actually soothe herself without someone attending to her the moment she opes her eyes. She really didn't say a boo! But she wouldn't have been up for more than a minute; from what I know she is hungry. So, before the lapse of a min, she would have let us know that she is up. Nevertheless, we both felt terrible.

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