Thursday, May 17, 2012

The problem with socks

The problem with Megha's socks is that they are sooo tiny. Another problem is that she easily manages to push them out in under 10 mins. Its not like the socks are loose-fitting, yet, she somehow manages to push them out and is happier when she is without them. I have found many a socks in locations like under the couch, in the bassinet, on the carpet, under the change table and the list goes on. I can never find the right pair without looking for good 1 min!

Here she is wearing one and pushed out another with her bug-a-loop. And when I start looking for the lost sock, she gives a look which says "whats-the-big-deal-I-am-happier-with-just-one-sock".


  1. oh my god!!!! I can't believe, she looks ditto like her father.
    You sure, Anand didn't end up making a xerox copy of himself :-D

  2. Ya, she started to look more and more like Anand :)