Sunday, May 6, 2012

Feeling blue :(

IIt feels unbelievable that mom has come and gone. 17th nov is when she arrived and so much has happened since then. I think I kinda got used to her presence and thank god Anand is home today. Else I would have felt worse. I am not sure but I think Megha was searching for my mom his morning. I was playing with her at 7:30 am on the bed and she repeatedly was looking towards the door. I felt so sad; poor Megha. Later in the morning I was out for a walk with her and she was looking all around her; I think she was searching for her. I will of course try to do my best and so will Anand to give her all the love and then some but it's sad that her buddy Karthy is also far away in Calgary. They would have made such great friends. Just this evening I was mentioning to Anand that we could have gone to visit him if he was in Ontario. Anand is doing his part to make me feel better too :) Really, I am so glad he is home today. I hope I will come out of this blue mood soon. I will, won't I?


  1. Of course you will.
    You have the lovey dovey adorable cutie pie Meg kutty with you.
    Spending all those precious moments with her will seem like DREAM COME TRUE that you will not have any time to worry.

  2. On another note, this evening as Karthi was playing with Thomas & friends, he repeatedly kept on saying 'mama mama' ; remembering that his mama and athai had sent him those gifts....

  3. Aww thanks a lot shanti :)