Thursday, May 17, 2012

A tiring day

Through out the last night Megha didnt sleep well. She kept waking up every hour or so, which means that i get a max of 20 min nap between that. I don't know if she was hungry...maybe its time i start her with the cereal in the evenings too. I was so tired and exhausted by morning. And during her nap time she started crying. She cried for a full 45 mins! I tried feeding her, changing her, put on fresh cloths, play, rock her and absolutely nothing worked. She just kept on crying.
I myself was so tired by then that all I could do was just place her on the bed, sit beside her and cry with her. Finally she was exhausted, had her milk and slept...and I with her. She just woke up and I am having coffee while typing this.

Some days are just so hard; today is one such day. I am just stepping out for a walk with her. Hopefully fresh air will do both of us some much needed relief. I am also considering getting an yearly pass for the parks in the conservation area...


  1. I know exactly what you must be going through now, having been in similar situations ample of times AND trying to run our business.
    But, like you pointed out, these are just 'some days' and there will be days when you wouldn't have the time to be down at all when you would end up having sooooo much fun with the lil one in trying to get to know her world.....

  2. Yes, just 'some days'. You did an amazing job with Karthi.