Monday, January 14, 2013

First visit to the beach!

Even though we had taken Megha to the fake beach in Canada, I call it fake because they are all lakes,  the first real trip to the beach was in Chennai, India.
The day we were leaving India was the only time we got to take her to the real beach. The date is 02Dec2012; place: Besant Nagar Beach, Chennai.

We took her there in the morning as we had our flight in the evening. My parents were there too.

When Megha looked at the beach from far, she seemed to love it. I thought she was going to be as exited as she was when we took her to the beaches in Canada. But poor baby was so scared looking at the waves and the sound the waves make as we got closer. She refused step down and when I tried to oh her down, she made it pretty clear that she didn't like it. So, most of the time we simply held her. I applied as much sun block as I thought was needed but it hardly made any difference.

Perhaps next time around she will like it? Time alone can say. Perhaps next time we get a chance to go to mahabaliputam. 

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