Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Rights and The Wrongs

It's been a couple of days since I had been going to work. It's hard leaving Megha behind. But I think I have tuned my mind so much so that I was expecting these initial days to be very hard for both of us.
Seperation anxiety kicked in as soon as I left home but I diverted all my energy to drive safe on snow filled roads.

I believe Megha is settling well. Our day care provider thinks that in a few days Megha will not even cry once :)

Something weird happened this morning. I was already missing Megha by the time it was 9 am. I went into the office pantry to grab water. There I saw a lady and she was asking me about how Megha is. So far so good. Then she asked me how much have I cried. To be honest I didn't cry at all this time as that phase has passed when Megha initially started going for daycare for a couple of hours. By now I told myself that this is the way things are and the sooner I accept it and the sooner I compose myself, so much sooner Megha will settle down. So I told the lady I didn't cry. She looked at me as if I had murdered someone. She went on and on about how much she had cried etc. as if crying when leaving Megha is a reflection of how much I love her. It's really had to take when someone is trying to brand you in their minds, bad one.

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