Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Ouche's

Since the time Megha started standing with support, she has been falling/stumbling on and off. Everyone I know keep saying that bruises and falls are a part of growing up, but when I do see something on her face, I feel so sorry for her. Some days she actually takes a toy her hits herself on head. We keep telling her No. Sometimes she cries when she falls and some days she doesnt.

Below picture was taken on 10Jan2013; that morning she hit herself with a toy. Can you see the bruise on her forehead, just towards the right? Poor baby :(

When I do see the ouches, I kiss them. I wonder if it makes it feel better or hurt more. Have to wait for her to speak and tell me, though I seriously hope by then she is way past all the accidental ouches.

P.S: Did you notice, she only has one socks? lol...I have no idea where the other one went since the time I had put both of them on; hiding in her hand perhaps? 

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