Monday, January 21, 2013

Big-girls milk!

Today Megha reached yet another milestone. As previously mentioned, we were slowly transitioning Megha from formula to whole milk. Tonight for the first time she had the regular whole milk without formula! Yaaaay!!

I cannot help but marvel (yet again) how much she had grown in the last one year. From one little infant to a toddler; what a fun ride it had been!!

I am yet to figure out how to attach pictures from my phone; so pardon me if I am not too regular with picture-updates. These days, my office people have blocked all our accesses to blog. So, I am not able to write anything in the blog at work. I used to do that during my lunch time and cold days like today.

Our big baby is happily sleeping as I type this. Again, so happy to be a part of this milestone. Today is 21Jan, 2013.

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