Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Chatter Box

Just like any other parent, Anand and I love it when Megha says something; even if it is something we do not understand :) But its slowly coming to a stage when we teach her anything repeatedly and she repeats/answers us. 

Now that Megha is slowly starting to say her first words, this space (under this label) is specifically for the things she says going forward. Oh the fun begins!! I think it would be nice to read about all her first words after years to come. 

For the first time 2 days ago (26th Jan); the below picture is taken on the same day.

Me: Sheep yebdi maggie ma, khattum? (Maggie ma, how do sheep talk)
Meg: Baaaa Baaaa

And then I give her a hi-fi followed by a kiss. Yes! she now knows how to give a hi-fi.

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