Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A bruise that wont go away!

Approximately 10 days ago, Megha fell somewhere and she had a small bruise on her left leg. I couldnt be sure if she got hurt at the daycare or at home as she keeps falling on and off with little or no crying. But this particular bruise, unlike the other little ones, isnt going away and I am beginning to get really worried. I do know that if a bruise doesnt go away, there is an underlying reason for it and I need to get it checked. If by Saturday it doesnt go away or at least fade a little, I am taking her to the doctors!

See if you can spot her bruise on her left leg in the picture below...

In the above picture Megha was saying, "All done" after finishing her pasta (as told by her daycare provider). Its her favorite 2 word sentence.

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