Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sundae on a Saturday!

Megha had been sick for the past few days and today for the first time in 4 days, she started being more like herself. She still refused most of the food I offered and had 2 glasses of milk and some prunes all morning and afternoon....that and a small sundae! We were at the part this afternoon and just before leaving ice cream truck was there. All the kids ran to it yelling "Ice Cream". Megha didn't exactly know what the fuss was about until I asked her if she would like some ice cream and that's that! She was all excited and wanted the ice cream right away. When I told her we need to go home and grab money she didnt want me to! We made a quick run for home and returned with just enough money to buy a sundae :); they are quite expensive compared to stores! lol

Here she is eating her strawberry sundae :); I saved some for tomorrow. Edit: not giving her any more milk products tomorrow. Afraid of colds...she got a little this afternoon. I should have just ignored her attempt in getting me Ice cream.

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