Friday, April 11, 2014

Montego Bay- Jamaica! (March 2014)

Winter this year has been never ending. We had too many cold days and too much snow. Add to that, busy schedules. We decided its time to take a small vacation. We zeroed it down to Montego Bay in Jamaica.

This time Megha brought her Mickey along with her. Here she is awaiting to board the plane.
As soon as we reached MB, we were greeted by lots of sunshine and people letting us know that its OK to drink on the bus taking us to the resort :) It was such a pleasant change from the weather we had been having at home.

As soon as we reached the resort, we headed out to the beach! Lunch was closed by then but we started our vacation with small snack of Jamaican chicken, fries and chili...of course Anand was having his beer and I, Margarita!

Here we are at the beach...the moment Megha had been eagerly waiting for weeks!
In the days leading to the vacation, Anand taught her that we are going to the beach. Before going to Cancun, I taught her that we are going to Chichen Itza...

Me: Where are we going Megha?
Megha: Chichen Itza!
Anand taught her to substitute Chichen Itza with Beach.
After playing in the beach for a while, we showered, changed and came back to the main entertainment area by the pool. We had fresh coconut water after a looong time! Loved it.

Megha ate a small banana. She hadn't really eaten well all day and it made me happy to see her eat at least a small banana.
Mark my words, Megha is going to be famous! In whatever field she chooses her career in. She danced her way around the music, clapping her hands and shaking her...well, shaking her hands, head feet and even hair :) There was a dance competition among 5 ladies (over 18 years of age) and the winner would receive a 20 minute massage. The ladies were dancing so well but Megha takes the cake....when ever the music starts, she would start dancing. At one point, everybody stopped and watched Megha dance and she was on top of the world...I am telling you, she is going to be famous!
Here she is :)
Here is us, as the sun set.
We sat down by the shore and Megha loved throwing small pebbles and sea shells in the water. She would have spent good 30 minutes throwing stones. Of course she said hi to everyone passing by.
The next day, we chose another spot in the beach. We made sand castles and we played away the morning until nap time at 11:30 AM.
Sand castles:
After nap, we went to the kids pool. We played for quite some time there and by 5, we were all tired. Megha of course didnt want to step away from the pool and it took a little persuading to get the moving along. I guess we didnt take any pictures by the pool. 
 Here is us, having a snack and dancing away to the music.
Here is one favorite picture of mine.
That evening (and even that morning), we went to the swings and the childrens play area. Here she is saying, "sun, hiding behind the clouds" was a cloudy evening.
We had a BBQ night. With the music on, there was no stopping Megha again :)
The next morning was beach time again! Before that, here is my sweetheart in the lobby.
That day we also went into the Caribbean sea on this...boat. It was so much fun! We should have done this on day one itself, then on day 2 and then again on day 3!
That evening we went to a fancy restaurant. I had famous Jamaican Akee with salt fish, Jamaican chicken with beans rice and oxtail gravy and it was the same with Anand and Megha too :) Here is me!
Here is Megha watching Dora while eating (yes, kids meals are quite big there). I couldnt get a single good picture of Anand as he wouldnt stop a second for me to take a picture.
The next day we left :( Of course we did spend some time at the beach too before we left.

The food was awesome. There was a lot North American food and less of Jamaican. We absolutely loved the fish there; I didnt get enough Jamaican Chicken. We learned new food recipes with simple ground veggies called Ground Provisions. For desserts, custard was awesome :)

We picked up Appletons Rum, Jerk sauce, Jamaican doll for Megha, Blue Mountain coffee powder and Tortuga Rum cake.

All we did was sleep, eat, play, sleep, eat, play and more sleep, more eat and more play! Couldnt have asked for a better vacation!

On the way back, Megha slept through the night. Loved Jamaica.

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