Sunday, April 6, 2014

Maple Syrup Farm trip- April 2014

Living in Canada would mean that we love pan cakes and maple syrup! Last year too we took Megha on a maple farm trip; HERE is the Link:

This year we went to a different farm; Sugarbush farm, far away in Stouffville just yesterday.

Day was unusually cold for April (as you can see in the pictures, it was fairly a gloomy day). It was windy and wet. We layered up and headed out. Megha, as is her new style these days, fell asleep 10 minutes before we arrived at the destination!

Anand's friends, Alfredo and family and Rocio, momma Rocio and the twins Arianna and Kassandra joined us. Bundling up 4 toddlers here.
As soon as Megha and her new friend saw the ponies, there was no stopping them! They both ran like the ponies would disappear if they didnt run. Here she is with dad.
Here she is, all brave and all alone! I know now that I am going to look into any cowboys willing teach Megha how to ride a horse (near the cottage would be a great idea).
Here she is admiring the sheep...she was here before the pony but we came back to talk to the sheep again.
Here she is talking to the bunnies...
After those 3 stops by the farm animals, we all went to warm our hands around the fire. Here Anand is attempting to hold her back from running too close to the fire.
With the children's gang! Megha loved her new friend, Gabrielle. We were telling Rocio that the A&K would be running around like Megha in our next years trip.
Here is us again!
Here is Megha leading the entire troop into the maple syrup trail; she is a born leader. She had so much fun running around.
As you can see, she didnt want to stand still even a second to get the picture with momma!
Here she is tasting the maple syrup sample; she had not one, but two! It was so yummy, I cant blame her.
We had such a great day. We stopped by the farms restaurant and had pancakes, Megha got some balloons and in general had a great day. I bought maple butter (yet to taste) and strawberry jam. Cant wait to taste!
Anand was a touch disappointed as he was hoping for taffees which were not there.

It was very close to where my sister in law used to live. My nephew would have joined us maybe, if they were here. I was thinking about him a lot that day since were close by.

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