Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Celebrating Easter with Toddler (2014)

Megha loves any occasion which will need some crafts to be done, which will need celebrations and which will need her to dress up :) This Easter (21st April) we had so much fun! The Easter crafts preparation started 2 weeks before.

Here is a picture of the Easter egg which Megha did. She loves stickers and she put them on the eggs :) I had written names on each bag to make it easier for the daycare provider to distribute.
Behind this egg is a small bag which I filled with Kinder and Cadburys  eggs. She took this small basket to the daycare for everyone there :) On her way back from the daycare, she wanted this basket in her lap and I did let her have it. Little did I know that she can remove the chocolate cover all by herself! She ended up eating at least 5 chocolate eggs by the time we reached home! lol
Here is a eye-mask which she did at the daycare.
Her dad loved to play with it too :)
Here is another one which was done at the daycare...(the little duck and the bunny)
Here is my little bunny playing with the bunny ears! I believe she loved the hair band; who wouldnt? I love it too.
They also had Easter egg hunting at the daycare. Megha wore a pretty dress (a gift from Anita aunty for Christmas). Oh, I absolutely love the color! And it was a perfect fit too :) Here she is getting ready for the hunt with her basket in hand.

Here she is in their backyard, all excited about collecting the eggs which her daycare provider spread around :) Doesnt she look like ballet dancing? Such graceful pose!
Here she is collecting the eggs :) Oh I lost count of how many easter eggs she ate that day!
Apart from the Easter egg hunt she had on Thursday (17th April), we also had a small Easter egg hunt on Saturday too in our backyard. Here I have spread around Kinder chocolates and eggs in the backyard for her to collect. She loved collecting all those candy! 
Her treasure at the end of the hunt :)
On the morning of Saturday (the day before Easter), we also went to the Main street of our town for more easter egg hunting. Not for the chocolates of course as by then we had collected way too much chocolate, but just for the experience sake.  Here she is in the main street. She made me so proud; when someone gave her an egg, she said "Happy Easter" :)
Lastly, on the day of Easter, I baked a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting :)

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