Monday, September 28, 2015

3D Painting by Megha

When the below craft/ painting was being made, I was asking Megha her suggestions about what she wanted in her painting. She was too tired (from school) to do anything on her own other than gluing paper and she kept telling me, "you do it momma, I will watch". 
So, I started it by asking what she wants on the paper and she came up with mountains, sun, clouds, pond, frog and the tree. 

I cut the mountain out of the previously made/ dried painting from Megha's craft box, Cut the sun and cloud from the foam shapes, and made a small pond. When it came to a tree, we needed brown foam for the tree trunk which we didnt have. I was wondering what to do and she came up with a brilliant idea that we can re-purpose the small cardboard (previously a puppet) and stick it upright!! What an amazing idea! I could not have thought of a better idea myself. Way to go girl.... The power of leaving things open ended brings out the best in Megha (and so does in every kid).

Anand helped with the frog. 

The awesome 3D painting is now ready. She glued things on the paper. 

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