Saturday, September 12, 2015

My smart Boy and my smart baby girl

Its been exactly 2 weeks since we had our Tanush. If I take one day at a time, I feel like I am still recovering from a major surgery. If I look at the over all picture, its hard to know that its been 2 weeks!

I call him Tanuboo, just like I call Megha, Meghaboo.

Tanu is feeding well and is sleeping a lot better than the initial few days; as better as you can expect a 2 week old to sleep. After I feed him, I burp him and since yesterday, I lay him down when he is still awake. He kicks his legs, passes gas, fusses a little but eventually (with in 5 mins) falls asleep. EDIT: I spoke and jinxed this!!!

Some of the sleepers/onesies he wears are from Megha's time. Its unbelievable how quickly she grew up!

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