Friday, September 11, 2015

Sleep issues

Tanush has not been sleeping well at all. If I have to mention one downside to exclusively breastfeeding, I would say that someone else not able to feed the baby so that I can get some much needed sleep. He is 3 weeks now and I am yet to sleep for longer than a max of 2 hours in one stretch in the past 3 weeks.

Tonight, actually I must say morning, it's almost 1 AM. I had been trying to get him to sleep for longer than 4 hours with no luck. He wants to feed all the time and doesn't want to sleep. This has been happening since a few days and I am beyond exhausted.

In the evenings, as much as I would like to, he doesn't stay awake. On top of that, we have people around who love to hold him snug (I don't blame them). So come night, he is too rested to settle down.

Sometimes I feel a little resentment towards everyone who is able to sleep through the night and during afternoon while I seem to struggle even to get 60-90 min sleep. No fault of anyone. It's just the sleep deprived, tired mommy talking. 

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