Monday, September 28, 2015

Walking with Tanush

Tanush, not unlike Megha, seems to enjoy walking. We started going for our walks a few days a week, trying to make the best out of the last bits of summer. He does not like it when i stop the stroller even for a few seconds. The kid needs to be on the go all the time, if he is in his car seat.

Love this picture! He slowly started focusing on faces, voices and anything bright and close. He also started grabbing on to my finger tight. He still likes to sleep on his belly but loves best when someone holds him tight when he is sleeping (who can blame him for that).

My poor baby got sick last week though. Megha caught something from school and was down with fever and cold. Promptly, Tanush also got it. Thats when we made our very first trip to the ER (19th Sept) as we were quite nervous about cold in infant Tanush. Luckily nothing was the matter. We just needed to start using the nasal aspirator to relive some mucus. He is a lot better now. 

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