Friday, September 4, 2015

Valaikappu for Baby Reddiar

Like last time, this time also I had 3 parties generously hosted by colleagues at work, friends and by Anand. Had fun in all these parties. The most special was at home hosted by Anand as he has prepared all (well, most) of the food items and planned everything.

Usually for the second baby we dont have Seemantham. But we do celebrate Valaikappu. My parents were here like last time. Here is last years celebration:

Unlike last time, we woke up fairly; I at 5:30, mom around 6:30 and Anand around 4 AM. By then Anand started cooking and was already mid way through. I started helping clean up, make coffee and do small things around. Majority of the cooking was taken over by Anand.

Here is the Puja table that we set up.
one more:

We had quite a few guests and I am glad to note that everyone whom we invited showed up.

Anand and I...

With mom and Dad

Blessings time for the little bun.

Everyone loved the food, i cant blame them. It really was yum.
We also had a little get together from the girls from my college days. 

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