Thursday, August 23, 2012

8 months already!!

How fast time flies by. This time last year my parents were here and we were all planning for my seemantham. It seems only like yesterday that I was pregnant and she was kicking me from inside. She was such a curious girl even in-utero. She used to poke me. Anand used to say, "please poke more"! It's his way of feeling the baby. Sometimes she used to poke too hard and it used to hurt, so gently I used to poke her back; which used to upset Anand so much. Well, his insides are not being poked! Lol

Back to Megha in the outside world. She turned 8 months on 15 Aug 2012. Below are the things she can do:

Things she does:
Can crawl backwards.
Can crawl sitting up.
Can roll all around the home like a ball
Can shout on top of her voice to get attention
Can switch off/on the lights when asked (of course I would be picking her up)
Can open/close the door when asked
Did I mention, can shout on top of her voice to get attention

Things she can say:
Mumumumum when hungry of thirsty
Screaming game which we both love and which Anand doesn't particularly love

Things she Loves:
One Two buckle my shoe rhyme
Watching Jake and the never land pirates
Watching baby Einstein dvd's
Mango puree
Licking her dad's head and face
Biting on my footwear
The sunflower musical toy and Sophi, the giraffe
Our morning walks
The swing in the park
most importantly, playing on Anand's and my lap
gentle cleaning of her ears; she enjoys it somehow. 

Things she dislikes:
Food with texture (she likes smooth puree's)
Sunshine on her face
Dad kissing her while being unshaven
Drive after a meal. In fact it makes her sick.
Cleaning her nose after shower

Her Routine:  Its very consistent. Very predictable baby.
Wake up at 6:45
Breakfast, usually cereal at 7:15
Nap at 8:30
Playtime at 9:00
Snack time at 9:45
Walking time at 10:00 (On Mondays and Thursdays,day care for 1 hour since this week)
Nap time at 11:30...since 3 days she has left it
Lunch time at 12:30
Afternoon nap at 1:45
Wake up at 3:35
Snack time at 4:15
Shower at 5
Walking or playing inside until dinner
Dinner time at 6
Cuddles and hugs with dad until bad time
Sleepy time at 7:00

Her Food:
Breakfast is always Nestle Gerber Cereal
Snack is usually fruit or yogurt
Lunch is some kind of vegetable puree
Dinner is rice with dal or veggies or lentils

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