Thursday, August 9, 2012

Janmashtami with Megha

Today, 09Aug2012 we celebrated Janmashtami. I wanted to mark this day special but didnt know what to make as nayvedyam. I chose the simplest, Chekkara Pongal. Since Lord Krishna loves butter and since I dont have any at home, I gave him some butter/coconut macaroons.
I also kept Baby mum mum (baby biscuits) as I was thinking maybe we could start her on these. Of course, some fruits.

Megha is in a good mood today. She is showing me with smiles for everything! I dressed her up and she let me without making a fuss. Here are a few pictures.

1. Below are her foot prints (signifying Lord Krishna's entry into our home). I mixed rice flour with water and made them. I know! they dont look anything like a foot print!
Below she is wearing pattu davani/pavadi given by her aunt

She is also wearing the necklace and bangles given by her maternal grand mom.
Puja shelf

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