Friday, August 10, 2012

Plums for 6 months and above

Megha had plums for the first time on 09 Aug, 2012. She likes the taste. I have started a snack time for Megha and I pureed 1 plum and gave her. I have removed the skin, just in case her tiny tummy gets irritated with skin.

You will Need:
Very ripe plum: 1

Method: remove the skin and the seed and puree/mash until you reach the desired consistency. I usually taste to see if its sweet. If its sour, I don't give it to her. She is close to 8 months and I don't want her gums to ache (soon she will be teething you see).

Goodness of Plums:
Plums have the laxative properties just like prunes and apricots.

Megha had just taken her first taste of plums below. No expression! this is her, "this-is-not-bad-expression."

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