Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mango and avocado purée

I cannot believe that I haven't tried this all these days! Avocado and mango purée is so yum that I decided today that I will make this as a dip for us (Anand and I) as well. I made it this morning but I didn't give it to Megha yet. We are going to the cottage tonight and she will be having this for lunch tomorrow. I am pretty sure she will LOVE this as she loves mango and avocado separately. If she doesn't like it, I will update this page.

I am sure Ragini will like this too as the richness of avocado perfectly compliments the sweetness of a mango.

You will need:
Mango: 1, choose a sweet ripe one
Avocado: 1, choose the one which is ready to be eaten today or tomorrow

Peel the mango and cut into cubes. Take the avocado pulp out. Place both of them in a blender and puree until desired smoothness.

Yummy yum!


  1. Hi Madhu right? I am Deepa (rose8282) and I have been following your blog regularly. I wanted to get more recipes for my 6 month old Reya. I was searching for your post when you started writing in the daily update recipes for kids but couldn't find your very first post. Can you please direct me to it? Also any more recipes for 6+ month old...please suggest. Thanks a lot. I enjoy reading your blog.

  2. Hi Deepa, yes, its madhu. Its nice to see your comment. I think I started writing Daily Menu Updates since she turned almost 14 months...if I am not mistaken.

    When Megha was beginning her solids, I started with Gerber rice cereal followed by oats cereal. Fully cooked beans and sweet potato were a favorite of her. I read that Reya seems to have a problem with sweet potato? If yes, stop giving it to her for now and start again later.

    There was a book that I had followed which really helped me a lot until she turned two...even now i pick recipes from there. Its Blender Baby Food by Nicole Younge.

  3. Madhu, Reya doesn't have a problem with earths best sweet potato...she loves it. The one I made at home was baked and pureed sweet potato that she spit up little hours after and the two days that my MIL gave, apparently there was some discomfort. Later I gave homemade apple and pear but she didn't finally I started giving earths best again. I will look at the book you recommended...thanks !

  4. Thanks Madhu. I looked at the reviews and looks like it includes non veg. We don't eat non veg so just a question if you know any similar book that has purely veggie version. If not, its ok. I like that it has some risotto recipes etc.

  5. Deepa, I wasnt aware that you are Vegetarian. There are still some good veggie recipes in that; do check that out in the library.

    If you notice any discomfort at all, discontinue the food and give a gap of at least a month or two and try again. In this post I had written how much Megha loves Mango+Avocado. As it stands now, she is allergic to mangoes and vomits in an hour if she eats it. Tastes and preferences keep changing. Follow her lead and if you think she doesnt feel comfortable with something, leave it aside for a while.

    On the right side of this screen, look for lable Yummy in her Tummy. There are some recipes there; though many of them may not be suitable for beginners but I did update a few recipes.

    I discourage you from using store bought food; i understand she is not eating anything else but keep trying cooked apples with a dash of cinnamon, cooked pears, banana (avoid if she has cold), grapes and cherries.