Thursday, August 9, 2012

Freezing baby food

I started freezing Megha's fruit purees since the time she started on fruits (since the time she was 6 months old). So far, I can clearly say that the only fruits she takes a liking to are Mango, Banana (which I dont freeze) and Papaya.
It makes my like soooo much easier when it comes to snack times! I prepare her lunch and dinner fresh though. I used to freeze sweet potato and beans but I make them fresh now, since I have time.

You will need:
what ever you want to freeze
Ice tray

Usually Megha takes 2 to 2 and half tbsp of fruit as snack. So, I measure the fruit and then fill the ice slots. That way I will not be thawing too much or too little fruit at a time.
Simply take out the required number of cubes and transfer into the fridge 24 hours before serving. I bring them to the room temperature before serving.
The above picture has mango, blueberries and cherries frozen.

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