Monday, July 7, 2014

Baby Animals Continues!

Over the weekend, Megha and I said our animals over and over again. She loves the animals! Here are some of the things she learned while I tried to recollect the animals myself in at attempt to teach them:

Me: Whats a baby Dog called?
Megha: Baby dog is called a puppy.
Me: Whats a baby Cat called?
Megha: Baby cat is called a kitten.
Me: Whats a baby Horse called?
Megha: Baby horse is called a pony.
Me: Whats a baby Cow called?
Megha: Baby cow is called a calf. (This one Anand taught her amongst other things)
Me: Whats a baby duck called?
Megha: Baby duck is called a duckling (sometimes she forgets this).

We also said what a baby tree is called, baby car, baby bus, baby truck, baby bicycle, baby tree, baby grass etc :) If she doesnt recollect something, she either says its a baby grass or its a baby car :)

Here is a picture taken at the cottage. More pics coming up about cottage!
Here is how our baby animal episode started:

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