Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Helping Toddlers Brush their Teeth

We started brushing Megha's teeth quite literally at 6 weeks as she was born with 2 bottom milk teeth. They were extracted by a pediatric dentist as they were loose and were a choking hazard for Megha. At that time, he advised that we gently massage her gums using clean fingers or clean cotton cloth. 
However, we never used tooth paste before. We just brush her teeth in the morning and before bed-time using her brush and water. 

This evening I decided its about time I started tooth paste for her (we bought that paste a while ago). I was dreading because some of my girlfriends told me how hard it was to train their kids to spit out the paste. 

However, with Megha, it was a breeze! Literally! I applied past on her brush and she brushed (with my help) as usual. Then I took some water in my mouth and showed her a couple of time how to spit it out she caught it! No force, no please no nothing! Just laughs and giggles all the way! We both brushed and spit out the water for a long time :) She likes it!

And thats how she now knows how to properly brush her teeth :) I guess she was just ready to start doing this (Just like when she was ready to be bottle weaned and it was a breeze for me).

Here is her very first tooth paste :) She is now 2 and half years old. 

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