Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Strawberry Picking 2014

I had been meaning to update this particular post for the longest time now. We went to strawberry picking on Saturday, 21st June. It was a beautiful day outside and there was no reason to sit at home while we can go outside and have fun! Moreover, Anand was working, so there really was no reason to stay home.

Here she is! Appu says she looks like a Diva already and I do agree :); She is ready with her basket (it was a basket from our Easter Egg collection kit).

We went to a nearby farm called Andrew's Scenic Acres. I thought it was going to be like apple picking fields with not much walking to do. But boy-oh-boy the farm was BIG.
Here she is leading the way, as usual. She loves to run around and go ahead.

At the entrance itself I had asked the lady if the strawberry patch is nearby or if its better if I wait for the shuttle-tractor which takes us there. She told me, "its just 2 mins walk".
It was NOT 2 mins walk! It was more like 10 blocks of walk! How did I know it was that long? Because Megha wanted me to pick her up after walking for (quite literally) 2 minutes; and needless to say, it felt longer as I had her on my hip. Lol

But thats OK, we still had fun. Here she is picking up the strawberries. She did a good job of picking the ripe one's; thanks to a particular episode in Special Agent Oso.
By the time we were done, we had a basket full of red-ripe strawberries. We also ate fresh starwberry ice cream but it didnt taste as good. Of course not, there was no sugar in it.
We also went for a little horse ride and she kept saying Yeeeh-Hawww (m pretty cow-girl)
After we reached home, I made strawberry Jam. I love strawberry Jam and there was no reason why I shouldnt try to make it at home, especially since we had hand picked strawberries.
I found a perfect jar for it too. The recipe was taken from Here: Strawberry Vanilla Bean Jam
The only alteration I had done was to skip the vanilla bean part as I didnt have any bean. It still tasted good; I am planning on canning a few more jars before the winter arrives so that I have homemade jam.
In order to know when the Jam is done and ready to be taken off the heat, here is the link: Doneness of Jam's
I used this method: Here, you stir a spoon through your jam and the remove it from the pot. Holding it over the cooking jam, watch as the remnants on the spoon drip back down. Do they fall back in runny drips, like rain on a window? If so, it’s not quite done. However, if they seem thick and run together in more of a sheet, your jam is finished.

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