Saturday, July 26, 2014

Making up Rhymes!

Saturday, 26th July 2014. Megha woke up around 7 AM, well rested and happy. By then I had already had my coffee and so, I was all ready to start the weekend with my lil girl. I had a couple of surprises today which reinforces that given an avenue to express themselves, kids thrive with creativity.

As is our weekend tradition, Megha was sitting on the kitchen counter while I was making her breakfast (Scrambled Egg and Cheese). She helped with mixing the eggs for them to be scrambled. I started singing a rhyme for her, "Mary Mary Quite Contrary...."

and then Megha jumped in to sing a song for me.

"Sherry Sherry Quite Contrary
How does your babies grow?
With Milk and Cheese and lots of play
And Belle Bella Bella"

Sherry is her daycare provider and Bella is their little dog :) How cute is that?!

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