Thursday, July 17, 2014

Some Pictures taken at various Parks

Weather is mild and so, Megha spends a lot of time in the parks/ outdoors these days. Here are some of the recent pictures taken at various parks.

This was a few days ago at a park close to the daycare. She loves slides!
This one was when they had picnic at the daycare. They love picnics, who doesnt? They have every week. They even have the tent where they lounge around all morning!
This one was taken when Megha was trying to attempt somersault when she had seen an older kid do that :)
This was taken at the park across out home.
This was taken at a splash-pad near daycare. I though I had a few pictures of Megha at a splash-pad when Anand took her too but I cant find it.
Tired after the splash-pad. I was told she ate and drank really well that day!
This was taken on a rainy day. Hannah keeping the kids busy while they ride on her back saying Yeee-haaw!
This one is my most recent favorite :)
This one was taken at the daycare. They have nice spots for the kids to play!!  

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