Monday, July 7, 2014

Carrot Sticks for Toddlers

I realized, I haven't been feeding Megha as healthy a food as I thought I was! Especially during weekends! She loves muffins/chips/fries etc. I cannot blame her, I love them too. This weekend when we went to the cottage, she pretty much survived on junk food (almost) as we are still re-setting the kitchen after renovation.

Anyway, back to healthy snacks now! Back to where we left off.

Carrot sticks:
I misled her and told her these are fries. But they do look like carrot fries don't they? I guess I was only partially misleading her. The trick worked!! She loves them!
Carrot: 1 big, pealed and chopped just like French fries look
Butter: a touch
Salt and pepper to taste
Veggie broth (optional)

Heat butter in a pan and add the carrots. Roast for a few seconds and add broth just until the carrots are covered. You can also dry fry but I felt with broth/water, it will soften the carrots and it's easy for her to eat. When the broth evaporates, continue to fry until carrots are done but still firm; whole process takes about 10 minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste!

Megha's verdict: yummy fries!

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