Sunday, July 20, 2014

Teaching Small Letters (Alphabets) to Toddlers

Megha loves books and so do I. We have so many books at home for her and she knows a few books by-heart :); We are having a great Sunday.

She can say and can recognize A-Z capital letters. These days I slowly started asking her what particular letters in her story book are so that she will know that words are made out of Alphabets and when we put all the words together, it makes a sentence. I dont know why it didnt occur to me to mention this to her much before. She was totally confused and didnt know what I was asking, even though she can recognize the capital letters.

I started researching a few days ago about this and came to know that many parenting websites recommend to start teaching toddlers with small letters as Capital letters make up for only 5% in any given book. But most of the alphabet books I have have started with capital confusing!

So, to make the process of teaching small letters fun, I came up with a small craft idea. Hopefully this way of teaching will make the process less "teaching" and more "fun". Lets see how this goes! I think she already knows "a" by now.

Flash Card Method:

Any shapes, I used butterfly foam shapes from Dollar store.

Method: Apply the glue in the shape of an alphabet. Add glue and glitter and let it dry. I drew small figures in the corners (Apple and Ball)

Megha was very excited today. So, she applied the glitter after I applied glue :)
Edit: Its evening now and she can now say the first letters in a word (if they are capital). My smart baby! All thats needed was to show her a few times that a word is formed when we use a bunch of alphabets together :)

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